Thursday, 5 February 2009

Desperate Parents Get Help For Children's Medical Costs From Ebay Angels

A desperate couple from Georgia, USA, put all their belongings for sale on the popular auction site Ebay at in a last ditch attempt to pay for their sick children's medical bills.
Brittiny and Greg Peters have three children, two year old Noah who has autism and sensory and gastrointestinal disorders, one year old Eli and seven year old Ayla who suffers from juvenile arthritis.
Their belongings did not attract a single bidder until Keith and Donnia Blair from Fort Worth, USA, bid $20,000.
The Peters began to pack their stuff up to send it to the Blair's, but the next morning Donnia Blair called them and told them they did not want their possessions, they just wanted to help out financially.
Since then Donnia Blair and Brittiny Peters have spoken by phone many times and have become firm friends.
The Peters summed up their feelings by saying.
"We really feel like its our obligation now to take the blessings the Blair's have given us, pass them on and bless some other people like they’ve blessed us."
What a wonderful message these ebay angels have given to us.
When you see someone in great need, if you can, reach out and do something about it.

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