Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Google Earth Expands Maps To Include Under Oceans

Google's marvellous tool, “Google Earth” is well known for allowing you to download software that will let you explore, search and discover all the ground covered area's of the world.
Their home web page is at www.earth.google.com
Google's previous version that only allowed you to look at the surfaces of the sea's and oceans have now added a new dimension, the ability to dive under the waves and see 3D computer generated images of what lies beneath.
To achieve this Google have used information from various organizations, among them.
“The National Geographical Society” at www.nationalgeographic.com
The NOAA “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” at www.noaa.gov
“The Scripps Institution of Oceanography” at www.sio.ucsd.edu
So this amazing educational tool has got even better.
Who could of imagined a century ago that one day ordinary people could sit at home, press a few buttons, and see the marvels of our world no matter were they are.
It fills me with happy anticipation of what other good things will be achieved in the years to come.

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