Wednesday, 11 February 2009

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s feathered friends show love is in the air for Valentine’s Day

Hearts are a-flutter at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this week as the famous scarlet macaws, Inca and George give each other a “peck” on the beak for St Valentine’s Day.
Eighteen-year-old George and 17-year-old Inca have been “love-birds” ever since they met at the zoo many years ago. They are among many macaws who mate for life, says senior bird keeper Rebecca Feenan.
“The majority of parrots do pair up for life,” she said, “it is part of their psychological nature, they make a bond which they never break, they are very intelligent .”
Inca and George share an aviary at the zoo and spend all their time together, including their memorable flying episodes in the Birds of the World Shows.
It is easy to see what’s attractive about this pair, with their trademark bright red heads, yellow crest and bright turquoise plumage over the rest of their body. They make a fantastic and colourful display when they swoop overhead.
For Valentine’s Day, George presented Inca with hearts and a rose, demonstrating that love can be everlasting, whatever your breed.
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