Monday, 19 January 2009

Heroes in Gaza

The other major story over the last couple of weeks has been the Israeli incursion into the Gaza strip.
But looking beyond the death, destruction and the blame game, there are some unsung heroes whose only aims and objectives was to preserve human life and ease suffering in the best way they could.
I am talking about the nurses and doctors treating the injured in unbelievable conditions, under fire,
understaffed and with few resources.
The ambulance drivers who made trip after trip to bring in the injured men women and children whilst under constant attack.
The aid workers who stayed at their posts and continued to move and issue essential supplies of water and food to the millions who needed them, despite the attacks on their trucks and compounds.
The ordinary families that have taken in, not just their extended families who have needed shelter and assistance, but other widows and orphaned children caught up in the conflict.
It is good that both sides have now declared a ceasefire in this conflict and I have no wish to judge either sides actions, only to highlight the committed work many are doing to alleviate the suffering.
Those are the heroes in Gaza.
Despite all the bad, they brought good.

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