Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Inauguration Day For President Barack Obama

The world news today is dominated by one story, the inauguration of the new American president, Barack Obama.
The achievement of this man in becoming president of the USA, with the support of his nice family, gives hope of better things to come, not just for the USA but for people everywere.
The fact that he is the first president of African decent has been a major boost to the moral and esteem of people of African decent in all countries throughout the world.
So before he has lifted a finger in his new job, he has already achieved more to make people happy than most politicians achieve in a lifetime.
Whatever else he does in the future, the pride he has given to many Americans today will live within them forever.
He now has the power to make good and great things happen, to right wrongs and build bridges that can lead us to a better world.
So I would sincerely like to wish him my best wishes.
Good luck Mr President

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