Monday, 19 January 2009

How I intend to bring Nice World News into your life

I am a big fan of the news, but I have had enough of the constant focus on the bad side of the news. Disasters, crimes, wars are all bad for the people directly involved, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

I feel it is brainwashing me into a permanent state of unhappiness and I believe many other people must feel the same way.

So I have decided through this free blog to re-write some of the top world news stories emphasising some of the nice and positive aspects that I can see in them.

Bad things will continue to happen in this world, but they should not be our only source of news, I want to give the nice and good things people are doing in difficult circumstances more prominence, hopefully balancing the bad and good in my readers minds.

So what piece of headline bad news should I write in a nice positive way to start off?

Well, looking at the major news headlines over the last few days, the main story seems to contradict me, its all good.

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