Friday, 30 January 2009

Mother has 8 healthy babies in 5 minutes

This is a happy news story about a woman who had eight babies by caesarean section in the Bellflower medical centre, near Los Angeles, California.
The babies six boys and two girls weighed in between 1lb 8ozs and 3lb 4ozs and according to doctors are all healthy and doing well.
The mother who has asked for privacy while she recovers has not been identified.
She already has six children ranging from two to seven years old at home.
She is said to be very exited about the successful birth of these latest editions to her family and is hoping to breast feed them all.
I know as a parent how much hard work goes into raising children from babyhood to adult, but I also know how much goodness you get back from your children in different ways.
I would like to congratulate the medical team that worked hard to make this a happy result and wish the parents of these little miracles all the best for the future.
No doubt we will hear more about this special family as the children grow and reach milestones in their lives and I look forward to including their progress as nice news.

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